Montrose Surveying CO., LLP

Surveying Professionals

MSC takes great pride in our accomplishments.  We are acutely aware that, no one of these capabilities assures the delivery of high quality and dependable surveying services, but we are certain that the absence of any of them will certainly preclude it. 

We expend great effort in the pursuit of keeping these capabilities balanced and strong. Through years of experience, MSC is able to integrate these capabilities, permitting the conducting of high-quality, dependable and accurate surveys. Our mix of work incorporates all types and sized surveys.

Saeid Jalilvand, L.S., C.S. (partner)
Robert Castillo, L.S. (partner)

Our licensed staff has a total of more than 65 years of surveying experience exclusively within the City of New York and are therefore, acutely sensitive to, and knowledgeable about, the subtleties of surveying in New York City.

We employ 34 people.  Of the 17 field surveyors, 9 are capable of independently producing AutoCAD drawings and all are capable of operating the data collectors used to obtain field data. Great emphasis is put on cross training, affording us great flexibility in staffing.


Over a period of nearly 30 years under its present management, MSC has become a firm of unusually balanced capabilities. These capabilities include:

  • One of the finest survey record libraries in the City of New York with a distributed database over the boroughs of Queens, Kings, The Bronx and Manhattan dating back to the late 1800s

  • A computer/CAD facility updated regularly to keep up with changing times

  • The latest in field equipment for our field crews

  • Established management procedures, which help maintain our long history of quality and timely service.

MSC is intimately familiar with the many diverse monuments and mapping histories of the various neighborhoods in the City of New York. Sensitivity and knowledge of monument anomalies because of their affect on property and street line determination is crucial in the conducting of high-quality dependable surveys within the City of New York. This knowledge and sensitivity comes from both day-to-day exposure over years of professional practice and from the ability to review the analysis and judgment of prior practitioners in our survey record library.