Surveying Professionals

1. Title/Asbuilt - ALTA/ACSM Surveys

  • Title/Asbuilt Survey: A Title/Asbuilt Survey is used in the transfer of title of a real property.  The survey shows the boundary of the property with deed references, structures and improvements located on the property, and along the boundary, ie: fences, walls, hedges, sheds, building and encroachments of improvements beyond the property lines.  The Title Survey also includes easements, right of ways and indication of adverse possession.
  • ALTA/ACSM Survey: ALTA/ACSM is a Title Survey meeting the requirements of ALTA/ACSM guidelines and survey procedures.

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2. Architectural / Topographical / Street Survey

  • In addition to the information shown on the Title Survey, Architectural/Topographical/Street Surveys include ground topography; roadway and sidewalk improvements; utilities above and below grade and all the necessary information to be used by architects and engineers for the designs of new structures, and filing with the appropriate city agencies, ie: Building Department, DEP, Etc. 

3. Construction Surveys

  • Stakeout Survey: This Survey is for staking (marking) buildings and property lines before the structure is built. Building Stakeouts are used for the layout of buildings establishing the location and height for future construction.
  • Foundation Check Survey: This survey is performed after completion of foundation to ensure the accurate location and height of foundation walls. 
  • Axis Lines / Anchor Bolt Layout  
  • Boring Location 
  • Pile Layout / Location 
  • Final Survey / Certificate of Occupancy: Survey prepared for building department indicating the location of new improvements for compliance with the approved plan

4. Builders Pavement Plan 

5. Settling Study 

6. Condominium Plan Submittal

  • Preparation of condominium floor plans for tax department lot subdivision 

7. Accident Survey 
8. Expert Testimony / Court Appearance (Regarding Surveys produced by Montrose Surveying)
9. Preparation of Legal Description 
10. Subdivision Surveys/ Area Calculations 
11. Grave Layout 
12. ULURP Application Maps 
13. Alteration Maps 
14. Damage Maps 
15. Acquisition Maps